Monday, December 20, 2010

New Sketches (stare and thoughtful)

Well here are more sketches I have been working on. Loving the pose of one and the eyes of the other. Not sure they will make it to paint but are still some solid options.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Elephant- Boundless

The Elephant is boundless in size. It appears to be busting out of the confines of the canvas. The colours in the painting are vibrant yet inviting, in contrast to the intimidating size of the subject.


Wolf - Carnal

The direction and hard edge of the trees is defused by the splattering of white and directs your attention to the eyes of the wolf. The intense stare of the wolf evokes carnal instincts.


Lynx - Intrigue

The lynx are more minimal in there approach. But even so, I feel the eyes and the thought behind them make the painting. The brush strokes make it seem very unrestrained. The orange and yellows help show their fiery and foreboding nature.


Cheetah - Tenacious

The vacant stare! Completely focused, everything else melts away and basic instincts take charge. The colour in the painting really does it for me. I feel heat! A sense of foreboding!



Monkey - Sincerity

To me the monkey exudes the comforting scene, a mood of being nurtured. The colours in and around the subject create a sense of warmth.



Whales - Harmony

With the whales. I was going for a feeling of warmth. The eyes do not play much of a part and so it became about a moment, the freedom, and the ease. A quiet moment of reflection.


Koala - Inconspicuous

The koala was an experiment too see how far I could take the painting and still keep it balanced with the use of negative space. The emotional connection is one of mischief. You are not sure what the koala is thinking exactly but you can certainly see it is plotting something.

Sometimes what we don't see is just as inviting and more provoking!



Lion - Radiance

The posing of the lion is one of submission and the warm tones create a comforting relaxed feeling. Although a lion is a fearsome predator, this one welcomes you in!



Grizzly - Dauntless

The grizzly is my favourite because of the amount of work that went into the painting. There were many times where this painting just wasn't where it needed to be. It took a great deal longer to get it to a place where I could let go. What I like about this piece is the flow of colour and the hair. The boundless of the penetrating stare is counter- balanced by the curved motion of the water, which also aids in its unification.


Stallion - Velocity

This is another of my favourites because of the line of action. You can see the speed! The colours are vibrant but subtly under-toned by the void space.



Polar Bear - Audacious

The polar bear is reckless in its abandon. The cool tones of the water give an almost gentle freedom to the lumbering creature and the soft warmer colours help bring it to the forefront.



Turtle - Serenity

The turtle is larger in scope. I was going for a serene moment. To me most aquatic scenes evoke a sense of weightlessness as well as freedom. The cool colours help to convey depth and the focal point is rich with detail. The colours and size of the main subject demand one's attention in sharp contrast to its rich surroundings.


Gorilla - Solemn

The gorilla is almost haunting in its expression. Not you typical colours, but I think they help reflect a "quieter moment". The sun kissed light gives it a hopeful look.


Tiger - Luminous

In this painting, the tiger is charging towards you and the motion of the water makes it seem almost incandescent. The cool colours surrounding the tiger provide contrast to the warmth of the orange.



Frog - Simplicity

The Frog was my attempt to capture a moment of simplicity. I didn't over work the details of the painting. It was hard to step away from this painting and appreciate the simple beauty. It has become one of my favourites. For me it evokes an emotion of curiosity.