Monday, March 4, 2019

update March 4th 2018

Dear Art Enthusiasts and friends
Well I have been working on some of my drawings for my wall, adding one more super hero character drawing of the guardians of the galaxy and two more animal images that could vary up the wall more.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Walkerville co-op: new wall

Dear Art Enthusiasts and Friends
Today I re arranged my wall at the co-op.

I included prints, but orientated them to the side to better affix them to the wall.

I also included a 3D painting of the book 1984. I wanted to help create a more ominous feeling of big brother watching you. So I created the face of big brother coming out of the painting,

Take a look when you have some time.

Friday, January 4, 2019


Dear Art Enthusiasts and friends
Slowly getting to the end of Anchal’s present for her new house warming gift, If you have time let me know what you think, always looking for ways to get better.
to see the process thus far.


Dear Art Enthusiasts and friends
Today was my last day on the mural. I focused on tightened her up in the Left corner for the child behind the curtain, I gave him larger eyes, wider bottom lip, and longer hair. I worked on refining the artistic hands, to better define their boundary, and refine their shadow to help give them shape. I worked on the head phone girl to better define the bend in her right wrist and crasped hand and the fingers that surround it.
Overall I am happy with this mural it shows scale dimension and a brightness of feeling and tone.
I hope it provides brightness and helps uplift the people in her inhabitants.
You can catch her at the alley way behind Wyandotte and Gladstone road in Windsor Ontario.